One day we became vegans

It happened overnight and we never looked back. 

But, as vegans will know, shopping is another story.

Who hasn’t stood in front of a supermarket aisle staring at the rows of food trying to figure out which ones are suitable and which ones not?

Who hasn’t held up a packaged product squinting with all their might, trying to read the list of ingredients in tiny little letters?

Am I the only one who takes a photo with their mobile and then zooms it in to read the contents ? surely not …

Not to mention queuing at the deli section to get your vegan cheese and hummus, only to be forced to look at the whole ham legs and chicken pieces

Not pleasant ☹


How many times did we wish that there was a shop where we could just walk in and pick up anything off the shelf without having to check the label !

So we decided to create it …. And VEGAN4LIFE was born

From teas to cheese, and rice to pies, and much much more

All Vegan Products

Vegan shopping made easy

We are proud and happy to welcome you!